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Do you wait until you have a problem and then get it fixed?

Our affordable, cost-effective service saves you time and money.

Our pro-active maintenance service is a contractual service that we offer to small and medium sized businesses.  The cost is dependent on the number of devices you have in your organisation.

Our service includes the diagnosing and resolving of hardware and software problems whilst providing end user support and technology direction.

We also administer the local and wide area networks  including monitoring and optimising network resources such as storage usage, network traffic, and the deployment of peripherals.

We establish and administer security procedures including establishing and maintaining the backup, disaster recovery and anti-virus.

We provide an annual IT Audit which involves analysing, testing, assessing and optimising both software and hardware within the office environment and includes a full detailed report into the findings.

We take care of the overall health of the network including anticipating, troubleshooting, cable testing, preventing and solving problems.

We ensure that the systems remains secure at all times. Security maintenance service includes checking backups, checking permissions and ownership of critical files and directories, checking the assignment of rights, monitoring system logs etc.

We perform pro-active maintenance in order to prevent system problems. The purpose of this is to minimise breakdowns and excessive depreciation.

We produce a monthly report detailing all support issues received and resolved and the current status of each support issue including a report on the network performance and health of the network.

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